I am an Assistant Professor in the Wyoming Geographic Information Center (WyGISC) at the University of Wyoming. I am a geographer and programmer focusing on the study of human-environment interactions by using remote sensing imageries. I am a bridge-builder for closing the gap between the operational uses of scientific remote sensing and GIS techniques and land management practices at the regional scale. The general theme of my work is to gain a quantitative understanding of the relationships between humans, landscape patterns and ecological processes. Current projects include early NEON science, geospatial modeling, citizen science and the applications of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) at the macrosystems scale. Check out my research and news for more information about what I am currently working on. 

Latest News

Recent paper of mapping ammonia pollution got highlighted in Academictimes.com 
by Zack Fishman | Jun 7, 2021 | News Report, New publications
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UW Professor leads study that found fires, summer snowstorms created unprecedented migratory bird die-off
by Ron Podell|Jun 3, 2021|News Report, New publications
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New NASA project: A Meta-Learning Framework for Characterizing and Accessing Training Data for GLOBE Observer Mosquito and Land Cover Protocols"
by Di Yang | May 4, 2021| Awards 
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New Microsoft Azure project: Unprecedented Western Bird Die-offs: Disentangling the Factors of Mortality Events at the Species-Level Using Deep Learning and Citizen Science
by Anni Yang|May 1, 2021|Awards
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Recent research is highlighted in the recent AGU spotlight "Mass Bird Die-Off Linked to Wildfires and Toxic Gases"
by Joshua Rapp Learn|Mar 26, 2021|News Report, New publications
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Recent Papers 

2021. Yang, D., & Fu, C. S. Mapping regional forest management units: a road-based framework in Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont. Forest Ecosystems, 8(1), 1-17.
2021. He, Y., Xu, R., Prior, S. A., Yang, D., Yang, A., & Chen, J. Satellite-detected ammonia changes in the United States: natural or anthropogenic impacts. Science of The Total Environment, 147899.
2021. Yang, D., Yang, A., Yang, J., Xu, R., & Qiu, H. Unprecedented migratory bird die‐off: A citizen‐based analysis on the spatiotemporal patterns of mass mortality events in the western United States. GeoHealth, 5(4), e2021GH000395.

2020. Merz, L., Yang, D., & Hull, V. A Metacoupling Framework for Exploring Transboundary Watershed Management. Sustainability, 12(5), 1879.

2020. Herrero, H., Waylen, P., Southworth, J., Khatami, R., Yang, D., & Child, B. A Healthy Park Needs Healthy Vegetation: The Story of Gorongosa National Park in the 21st Century. Remote Sensing, 12(3), 476.